13 top consultants and experts helping advertisers address their longstanding diversity problems

广告行业, which influences global purchasing decisions and is vital for companies trying to reach diverse audiences, has been confronting its diversity and inequity issues since the Black Lives Matter protests last June. Ad agencies have committed to do more diversity training, 消除弱势群体之间的薪酬差距, 使员工多样化, 尤其是在最高管理层. […]

4A’s Releases An 机构 Review Participation Contract To Curb Ghosting and Other Bad Practices

  The agreement has nine key points centered around concerns voiced by members of the industry. The 4A’s is releasing an agency review participation agreement with standards for an agency and potential client to agree on before a pitch process. While the organization has released guidance on this topic before, 这标志着第一次贸易[…]

What Marketers Need to Know About Greenwashing in Advertising

A new body of research from the 4A’s outlines how agencies can (and should) approach environmental claims in their brand messaging   The American Association of Advertising Agencies, 在业内被称为4A, has released a comprehensive guide to eco-friendly messaging that may allow marketers to better serve consumers who are increasingly […]

Creating Leadership Accountability For Building A Culture Of Inclusivity

8月31日, 2021 The 4的基础 #365BLACKPRINT initiative is designed to amplify Black voices 365 days of the year. 作为这个平台的一部分, we are recognizing leaders that go above and beyond to drive inclusivity in the workplace. 加入杰奎琳·绿色, Program Manager with the 4的基础 as she speaks with Eden Zeilo, 导演[…]

The 4的基础 celebrates interns with a full week of events

The 4A’s Face of 人才 event includes a virtual conference, 多元化的职业公平和投资组合审查.   The 4的基础 is honoring college students in its Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) with a week-long calendar of virtual events to connect students with potential employers.  The event, which kicked off on Monday, celebrates more than 400 […]

政府关系通讯- 2021年8月

DOL Regulation to Watch: Federal Minimum Salary Threshold for Classifying Exempt Employees As President Biden’s Department of Labor (DOL) nominees continue to move through the Senate confirmation process and publicly respond to member inquiries about their preferred priorities, we are starting to get a clearer picture of potential future labor policy changes that could be […]

Agencies Want Uniform Ad Privacy Regulation, 4As’ Pepper Says

Alison Pepper wants the advertising industry to respect consumers’ privacy. She just doesn’t want a multitude of ways in which to execute that. Europe ignited the new privacy era with its GDPR legislation, 促使加州的CCPA, deprecation of third-party cookies and other mobile identifiers and now a federal look at privacy policy. 在对[…]的视频采访中

NBCUniversal Adopts Ad Identifier to Help Fix Problems Like Ad Repetition

Collaboration between 4A’s and ANA expands on existing work on broadcaster’s Peacock streaming service NBCUniversal is looking to clean up things like repetitive ads and brands running commercials next to those of competitors, which often occur in campaigns that span both TV and digital, with the adoption of the Ad-ID identifier backed by several industry trade […]

NBCUniversal Partners with Ad-ID to Launch a New Standard for Advertisers Across One Platform

NBCUniversal’s Partnership with Ad-ID Ensures a Better Viewer Experience and Optimizes Outcomes for Advertisers Deal Builds on the Success of Peacock Relationship, Helping to Manage and Deliver a Pristine Viewing Experience Across All Screens   REMOTE WORKSPACES EVERYWHERE – July 22, 今天2021 -, NBCUniversal announced Ad-ID as its new standard for advertisers across One Platform, a […]

What are NFTs and How Can Advertising Agencies “Cash In?” |

On Thursday, 7月15日th, 2021 the 4A’s Business Intelligence & Insight team aired their latest webinar “What are NFTs and how can Advertising Agencies Cash In? NFTs have seemingly come from nowhere to become a must-have for all brands. 被描述为“灌篮”,“世界各地的强大品牌, 包括塔可钟(Taco Bell), 一个卫生纸品牌和凯洛格, […]


机构通讯聚焦网络研讨会系列 Airdate: Thursday, 7月15日, 2021 It’s been a tumultuous year and a half for our industry, 这包括那些写它的人. Designed for PR and communication professionals in the industry, join Ogilvy’s 全球 Chief Communications Officer David Ford as he speaks with Adweek’s Managing Editor Chris […]

4A和Reset Digital Launch Universal Inclusion

New programmatic platform aims to eliminate bias to drive more meaningful connections between brands and consumers   New York, NY, 7月14日, 2021 – The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), 最主要的你.S. trade association for the advertising and marketing communications industry, announced today that it has partnered with Reset Digital, 一个平台在[…]